Blackjack Variations

European blackjack is one of many variations of traditional blackjack. I figure that if you’re interested in playing and learning more about european blackjack that you’d be interested in learning what the other variations are, and maybe how and where to play them, too. So below you’ll find information about 13 other blackjack variations you can find and play online.

13 Other Blackjack Variations For You To Try

Atlantic City Blackjack – AC blackjack is similar to most blackjack games in that your goal is to beat the dealer without exceeding 21 points. A couple unique rules include double down on any two cards, doubling after a split and late surrenders are allowed.

Blackjack Surrender – Blackjack surrender is only available at Playtech casinos. In blackjack surrender players can split once, double down after splitting their hand and will earn 1:1 on 7-Card Charlies. A 7-Card Charlie is 7 cards dealt to a player without exceeding 21 points.

Blackjack Switch – This is a fun variation. In blackjack switch players pay for and are dealt two separate hands. They are then able to take the second card in both hands and switch them to make better hands. However, to offset the player blackjacks are paid even money and dealer 22-point hands are a push against player 21-point hands.

Bonus Blackjack – Bonus blackjack is like traditional blackjack, but with a side bet. Players will make this bet before they’re dealt their hand, and it does not matter how much they wager. The side bet will payout whenever the player is dealt a natural blackjack that consists of an ace and jack. The payout is 5:2, 25:1 for a suited ace-jack, 50:1 for an ace-jack of spades.

Spanish 21 – Also known as pontoon, spanish 21 is a more intense variation of blackjack. In this game all the 10 value cards are removed, leaving only the kings, queens and jacks. Since there are fewer ways for players to make blackjacks (and for dealers to bust), the house edge is increased by 2%. To offset this edge players will always win with 21 point hands (no pushes), can double down on any two cards, split up to 3 times and late surrender at any time.

Match Play 21 Blackjack – Match play 21 is another blackjack game where all the 10-point cards are removed. The cards are also shuffled after every hand, as opposed to whenever the shoe is empty. Players earn 2:1 on blackjacks, and there are special payouts for making 21 point hands with different combinations of cards. For example, a player with 3 sevens (and the dealer 1 seven) pays 40:1, 3 sevens of spades pays 3:1, a six, seven and eight of spades, and seven cards that total 21 also pay 3:1. There are several other bonus type hands that players are paid for, too.

Perfect Pairs – Perfect pairs blackjack is a traditional blackjack game with a side bet. You’re paid even money for being dealt a pair. The only other key difference is that the dealer has to hit soft 17.

Ante Up 21 Blackjack – In ante up 21 players make 2 bets, one for their 21 hand and the other for the ante side bet. Once the cards are dealt players will decide if they want to place a bet on their poker hand. The player will win their poker hand if the dealer doesn’t qualify (queen or higher) or if they have a better poker hand. There is also a side bet called the Poker Bonus Edition. No surrendering is allowed, dealers must hit soft 17 and blackjacks pay 3:2.

Double Exposure Blackjack – This is an interesting blackjack variation because both the dealer’s cards are exposed. Players have a huge advantage here because they know when the dealer has to hit or stand. However, the rules and payouts are altered to offset this huge edge. For example, dealers win all ties, players can only split once and player blackjack pays even money.

Vegas Downtown Blackjack – Identical to your traditional game of blackjack. Dealers hit soft 17, late surrenders aren’t allowed, players can split up to 3 times and blackjacks pay 3:2.

Pontoon – The name refers to spanish 21, but also to the UK version. The rules are different. For example, pushes are player losses, players must hit hands 14 or lower and both of the dealer’s cards are dealt faced down. The dealers don’t even check for natural 21s until all the players have acted, putting players at a huge disadvantage. Pontoon has a side bet, too, known as 5-card trick. If you’re able to take 5 cards without busting you’ll be paid 2:1.

Vegas Strip Blackjack – Vegas strip blackjack is nearly identical to blackjack. It’s played with 4 decks, dealers stand on 17, players can split up to 3 times and double after splitting a hand. All 10-point hands can be split, too. For example, you can split a KJ, QT or JT. Aces can only be split once and players will receive only one more card per split ace.

Double Attack Blackjack – In double attack all the 10 cards are removed. Players are paid even money on blackjacks and lose on ties. The upside is that players are able to increase their initial wager once they see the dealer’s up card. There is also a side bet that players can participate in called Bust It. This side bet is on whether or not the dealer will bust on their 3rd card.